Jacqueline Lou Skaggs
"Heaven spelled backwards. (from "the Princess series"). A study".Balustrade brace. Ridgewood, NY on Woodward Ave. Friday evening. 060614Ridgewood Queens, evening of March 29, 2014 (from the ‘American Standard, Fawn series')""Evening. From a bedroom. Ridgewood Queens NY interior detail. (from the 'LISTEN TO NOONE WHO TELLS YOU HOW TO LOVE series') Tuesday, August 6, 2013""Reflections of a watermelon, 7 eyes and 2 bare asses. Detail of an art auction exhibition. (From the 'inspired by lost souls and fakes series') March 28, 2014 2013""Bedroom with unbroken globe found in  sidewalk trash. Ridgewood Queens interior detail. (Ode to his shiny red ceiling. From the ‘inspired by lost souls and fakes series’) March 20, 2014”