Jacqueline Lou Skaggs
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Enrico Gomez reviews Art in Brooklyn

..."And finally, SUGAR (449 Troutman St. #3-5, bell #21) expands, more than doubling their exhibition space, and includes The Viewing Room, a space for smaller works, and The Flat Files (with independent programming for each). In the main space (through June 3rd) “Lineup round 4 (From the Gut, with Heart)”; a show / installation of 2-D and sculptural work wherein color and shape seem to ricochet and echo, call-and-response like, across the gallery. A cyclamen explosion of color by Erika Keck, Art Guerra’s phtalo-blue asteroid forms and a vibrant, cartographic assemblage of shapes from Liv Mette Larsen all bespeak a high caliber of common action. But it was a small, milky white and indigo oil painting by Jacqueline Lou Skaggs called, “Snow White, Madonna Blue with Stripes” in The Viewing Room that simply took my breath away. With economy and aplomb it, like so much of the work I’ve seen at SUGAR, grabbed a hold of me and holds me still today."

—Enrico Gomez
MAGICALITY, Curated by William Powhida and Eric Trosko, Platform Gallery, Seattle, WA, August, 2010
Love and Freedom, works by Jacqueline Skaggs and Doug Young, SUGAR, Bushwick, Brooklyn, July, 2010