Jacqueline Lou Skaggs
"Anomaly at dusk"
Oil on panel, found frame with a silk wrapped liner, 12.5" x 13.75" x 1.25", 1995-2005.

In the early-mid 90's I was making paintings that, for me, employed every classical note in the book within the constructs of conceptual ideas. Aside from luminism and a thoughtfulness to subject and surface, part of the vocabulary that I had adopted was giving the works a sense of time, age, with an implied and applied patina. I was also utilizing the seductive colors from food packaging as grounds and/or borders. the orange that is noted in this painting is an exact version of "wheaties" box orange (or as close as the eye can achieve). years after I made the painting i found a frame that was being discarded by an NYC art conservation studio. It is a 60's-70's welded steel float-frame with a classic silk wrapped wood liner/fillet. The painting on panel nestled into the opening as if it were made for it. The work was finally complete. This is not merely a framed painting. The entire package is to be considered an object. I have not altered the frame in any way. This work reveals the ravages of time. All conditions that remain are intentional and purposeful to the concept and poetics of the assemblage.
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